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Charles Taylor on “Solidarity in a Pluralist Age”

The canadian philosopher, Charles Taylor writes a piece at Project-Syndicate on the question of solidarity in the contemporary pluralistic societies: Historically, the political ethic of confessional societies has been grounded in a single, basic foundation. In Europe, various kinds of laïque societies have tried to invent themselves out of the ruins of the Christian foundation, but they have made the ...

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Jeremy Waldron on Rights and Responsibilities

The text of the lecture that Jeremy Waldron delivered, as part of Max Weber Lecture Series, on 19 May, 2010 at the European University Institute, is now available online: Dignitiy, Rights, and Responsibilities [PDF]

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New Book: “A Brief History of Liberty”

A Brief History of Liberty By David Schmidtz and Jason Brennan Wiley-Blackwell – January 2010 Chapter 1. A Prehistory of Liberty: Forty Thousand Years Ago (PDF) Jason Brennan’s book announcement: It’s something of an unusual book for philosophers, because it’s as much a genuine history (and economics, psychology, law, and sociology) book as it is a philosophy book. I’d summarize ...

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