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Iran’s Green Movement Celebrates Its Third Anniversary

Born in the aftermath of the rigged presidential election in June 2009, Iran’s Green Movement may have lost much of its mobilizing force in the face of brutal state repression and the house arrest of its leaders. But it is surely still well alive, waiting for the next political opportunity.

Beneath the facade of order and stability that we see now in Iran three years after brutal post-election crackdown,  the clerical state continues to face a deep crisis of legitimacy. It is impossible to predict whether the Green Movement will come again in the streets soon. But whatever its fate, Iran’s contemporary history suggests that another social movement is lurking around the corner, ready to challenge the Islamic regime.

The Coordination Council of Green Movement released a statement yesterday, calling on Iranians to engage in a silent protest against Iran’s repressive regime on June 14, to mark the third anniversary of the mass protests against the rigged election results. The silent protests will be held at public places and parks in major cities across Iran.

An event is also planned by exiled Iranian activists for tomorrow (June 10th) in Cologne to mark the occasion. See the flyer for details:

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